About John

June 2nd, 2012

I’m kinda a nerd.

But I’m a reasonably well balanced nerd.  From my shy, introverted roots of being a math and chemistry major in college I’ve grown into a being a well connected fellow who loves to learn and travel, and thinks people are pretty great.

Professionally I run my consultancy wherein I do web application design and development, and love the art of the trade and intellectual exercise that it provides.  You can learn more about that side of me at JPL Consulting and my professional blog, Programmer for Hire.

Personally I am a 32 year old living in Denver (although currently we are on a year long world tour so I may be anywhere right now) with my totally rad and lovely wife, Tracy.  She’s an entrepreneur like me (with businesses doing private yoga instruction and professional photography) and so we have a lot of freedom to ponder and pursue aspects of living well on, say, an average Tuesday afternoon.

Together we travel.  And cook.  And play.  And create.  This blog is an account of the more noteworthy aspects of all that, with an emphasis on the travel stories, and reported through the lens that people are generally darn interesting and amazing, and that relating to them as such is one of the true joys that makes it all work.